Representing renowned artists on the international art market

Art is a matter of confidence – more than anything else.
We are offering exceptional works from intriguing european artists both for art lovers who want to enrich their living or working environment as well as for collectors who are seeking promising investments.
But most of all, we are obsessed by the creative  prowess of our artists and the extraordinary quality of their works.
Our utmost goal is to find the right people to embrace them and will have ultimate joy in looking at them, esteeming them and above all owning them.

Christian Klasan

We represent these artists

Josef Winkler | Vienna

Born in 1925, Josef Winkler still works every day in his studio, creating his trademark works of art: impasto paintings in a few colours only but with rich details and high emotions.
He calls it Metamorphosis and Everything between the beginning and the end – from Alpha to Omega. 
Winkler is constantly aiming for something new in his works, always trying hard not to repeat himself – succeeding in it, day after day.

Jodd von Schaffstein | Berlin

Jodd von Schaffstein’s Transformal Art, he invented in 1994, brings back art to the naked soil, to the primeval horizon of origin, to the meaning of transformation and development. The Idea of Nothing as Everything, of Finding by Not-searching, are the key factors in Jodd’s artistic expression. He has reached his unmitigated artistic freedom through obeying, subordinating and allowing. Everything happens as it should.
Jodd von Schaffstein lives in Berlin and works in his Garden Studio and in his ArtRaum Studio both at Prenzlauer Berg. 

Agostino Tulumello | Sicily

Il tempo di sempre – the uniqueness of Agostino Tulumello’s art is quite obvious. With millions of tiny strokes he creates paintings of deepness and  extravagancy. Imagine him, sitting und his olive trees in Montedoro on the island of Sicily, carefully putting one layer of strokes on top of each other, again and again. And when you look deep at his paintings you will always find a new nuasance, a surprising detail.

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